(BaubleR) Assasins Creed: Syndicate


My review:

I have played the (almost all) games from the Assassins creed set. I was sorely disappointed in the Unity release. (Not only because of the glitches but because of the update to fix the glitches that caused my game to crash after I had reached Legendary status that corrupted the save file.) So I was hesitant to buy the Syndicate release. Overall the graphics are nice, but my favorite part of the game is the building up and customizing of my hideouts which I felt was a little lacking in this release. I was pleased that they brought back the Whistle, and I am able to lure  my enemies in and I really like the new version of the rope dart that allows you to glide from house to house. I am pleased that they finally incorporated a female character into the story line.

Overall I have to say that I find the story to be a little lacking and repetitive. The graphics are amazing and I encountered minimal glitches. I don’t know what more I was expecting… maybe being in a hero in Victorian London just isn’t as appealing to me as being a swashbuckling pirate commandeering the seas, but I progressed about 80% through the story line and feel no compulsion to finish.


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