(BookR) The Turn

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Pages: 448

Cover: ★★★★ of 5

Rating: 7 OUT OF 10

Publishing Date: February 7th 2017

Publisher: Gallery Books

My review:

Kim Harrison bring characters to life like no other. I was so excited to finally learn about Quen ( since he was mentioned in the first couple of pages and having long been a fan of the mysterious elf), only to have my heart broken just a few chapters later, with the discovery that he only had minor a minor role once again.

Now that I’ve gotten my sole disappointment out of the way I can move on to the good stuff. I loved how she expanded on the tomato causing mass extinction factoid dropped in earlier hollows books. I always found it to be interesting and am excited to finally have a story to go with it.

It was definitely different to get to see characters I am used to seeing fully grown in their younger iterations… Quen, Trent, Takata etc. and know the havoc they would later cause. Overall, I kind of felt bad for Trents character… Harrison has made me hate him, love him and now with the release of the prequel… back to psuedo hating him again. He truly has been an evil, conniving bastard.

If you are a fan of her books this is a book you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t read her books before… This is the perfect place to start.


Can science save us when all else fails?

Trisk and her hated rival, Kal, have the same goal: save their species from extinction.

But death comes in the guise of hope when a genetically modified tomato created to feed the world combines with the government’s new tactical virus, giving it an unexpected host and a mode of transport. Plague rises, giving the paranormal species the choice to stay hidden and allow humanity to die, or to show themselves in a bid to save them.

Under accusations of scientific misconduct, Trisk and Kal flee across a plague-torn United States to convince leaders of the major paranormal species to save their supposedly weaker kin, but not everyone thinks humanity should be saved, and Trisk fights the prejudices of two societies to prove that not only does humanity have something to offer, but that long-accepted beliefs against women, dark magic, and humanity itself can turn to understanding; that when people are at their worst that the best show their true strength, and that love can hold the world together as a new balance is found.

OMG… AFTER READING THIS BOOK I AM LEFT WITH A QUESTION THAT IS DRIVING ME NUTS! What happens to Trisk and Kalamacks baby that Trent is later forced into his relationship with Ellasbeth? ANY THEORIES?


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